CEO of District Star Films

Tarik Denison

grew up with a passion for writing and a deep appreciation for films. Watching countless movies Tarik became further intrigued with camera angles, lighting and director’s choices of nuances solidifying his passion for cinematography.

To satisfy his creative itch, Tarik began writing rap lyrics. Writing lyrics was cool, but the urge to write a screenplay was steadily brewing so he tried his hand at writing a script where he quickly discovered the process of getting his thoughts to vision was not as easy as it seemed. As fate would have it, a close friend would later show him how to write in script format and it was on! Devoting his Saturdays to writing, Tarik wrote his first script that has become his first full-length film Homegrown.

Making his writing, acting, and directorial debut, Homegrown allows Tarik to showcase his sense of humor, and respect for the craft through a filmmaker’s lens.